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En Loogic creemos en las personas y creemos que cuanto más cerca de ellas estemos, más podremos ayudarles y más podrán ayudarnos. Nosotros estamos limitados, somos un equipo magnífico pero que no llegamos a todas partes. Queremos tener personas que nos ayuden, sea de forma individual o desde empresas, que compartan la filosofía de Loogic y quieran ayudar a emprendedores, startups e inversores.

Nuestras áreas de acción son amplias, si crees que puedes ayudarnos en alguna de ellas, crees que puedes llevarlas a aquellos a los que nosotros no llegamos, queremos conocerte.

Loogic engloba:

About us

We are family-run restaurant called Mimo Vegan Bistro, established in Malaga since May 2019. Our restaurant is fully vegan, and we work with local, seasonal, organic, gluten and sugar free products. Our mission is to serve healthy, creative, and delicious food for everyone. Mimo’s main partner is Familia Hevilla. This fantastic family of farmers delivers their sustainably grown organic vegetables to Mimo every week. Thanks to our wonderful guests we survived the COVID lockdowns and came back even stronger than before. Our restaurant is cozy but very small – with a small kitchen and only a few tables.

We have been aware of the need for a bigger place to be able to serve our food to a larger number of guests for some time now. As many of you may know it is not easy to find a good place for a restaurant in Malaga. However, a few weeks ago, we finally found a fantastic new place for Mimo in Soho Malaga, not far from our current location.

Recent developments

Due to the post-COVID economic situation, we realized that we needed to arrange external financial support to be able to move to a new place. We have been working hard on this for some time. Unfortunately, as you may have seen on our Instagram, we suffered an electricity breakdown on 12 November that broke almost all our equipment in the kitchen and the bar and made our situation more complicated as we had to close the restaurant temporarily. Moving to a new, properly prepared, and equipped place for our restaurant is now even more important and an absolutely necessity for us.

Our plans

Our plan is to open a bigger restaurant where we can serve more people, work in better conditions, create a bigger working space that allows us to invent even more creative and 100% homemade dishes while being even more sustainable and zero waste. Of course, we will keep the same special family ambiance that you have all come to enjoy so much.

The new place we found even gives us an option for a small and cozy terrace. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit outside where you can enjoy Mimo’s food and drinks under the blue sky of Malaga? With a bigger restaurant also comes more opportunities e.g., we can organize cooking classes, work on a cookbook etc. – things that many of our guests ask for.


Jacek Nieszczerzewicz

location Malaga, España
Soy el propietario del restaurante Mimo en Malaga.
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Day with us in Mimo
Donate 1000€ and spend with us an amazing day at Mimo. We will show you how our business is working and how is it to run a vegan restaurant in Malaga. Work with us, eat with us and have fun for the whole day!
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Party at Mimo
Donate 2500€ and make a party at Mimo for up to 40 people! It could be a birthday, weeding, business party or other, as you wish. Food, drinks, great atmosphere! All included, worth 4000 €.
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