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Either Whores or Clowns

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Loogic Partners

En Loogic creemos en las personas y creemos que cuanto más cerca de ellas estemos, más podremos ayudarles y más podrán ayudarnos. Nosotros estamos limitados, somos un equipo magnífico pero que no llegamos a todas partes. Queremos tener personas que nos ayuden, sea de forma individual o desde empresas, que compartan la filosofía de Loogic y quieran ayudar a emprendedores, startups e inversores.

Nuestras áreas de acción son amplias, si crees que puedes ayudarnos en alguna de ellas, crees que puedes llevarlas a aquellos a los que nosotros no llegamos, queremos conocerte.

Loogic engloba:

Help me publish my book. A story of resilience.

A little bit about me.

I am Paola Ochoa Duque, a survivor of violence against armed groups, sexual abuse, domestic violence, corruption and many other injustices prevalent in my country.My heart bears a mix of pains, notably the deep sorrow that my younger sisters had to witness as lawless groups took our mother's life right before their eyes.This tragic event forced us to leave our home in Caldas for the cold, opportunity-limited city of Bogotá. Now, at the age of 48, I find joy in having steadily moved past my displaced status and forgiven everyone who contributed to my suffering. I dare to share a story I've kept silent for too long, as I never aimed to use it to open doors. Instead, I've opened doors through hard work and a genuine smile.

I remember with nostalgia my past in Medellín, where I led my own theater group, "Andromeda Show, Alpha Y Omega." Known as a lively actress, I embraced life with a smile, witnessing the growth of my daughter Jennifer. I'm also a proud single mother, as, like many women, I believed in the love of a man who failed to fulfill the role of a father. He violated me, and it was with my mother's help that I escaped. Throughout this entire journey, a persistent dream lingered in my heart: I wanted to be an actress. Certainly, everyone ridiculed the idea that someone in my situation could have such a dream, but they didn't know what I was capable of.

The title of the book is: “Either Whores or Clowns”.

One day, I approached my daughter, who appeared sad, and without weighing the risk, I asked her something that would alter our lives forever.

-"What's on your mind, my daughter? 

-I'm bored.

-Why, my love, are you bored.

-I miss my dad…

-And why is that?

-When he was here, the refrigerator was full of grapes, apples, yogurt, and many fruits…

-But, my love, you have an apple and yogurt here…

- Yes, but only one apple and one yogurt.

I had to do something so she would never feel this way again. I went to a friend, whom I had rented a room from to ease expenses but who also became unemployed.

-Sister, things are messed up. We are both without work. I am divorced and with my daughter who misses everything she no longer has.

-We both remained silent for endless minutes. With my mind racing, I said with determination, "Sister... or Whores or Clowns!

-And how is that?

-As whores, we take off our clothes, or as clowns, we put them on.

And well, we started trying like clowns, and we stayed on that path.

In 2007, I decided to dream bigger and founded my own artistic representation company, where I embody the interests of many actors of unquestionable talent. I must say it's not an easy field, and other interests emerge on a different scale as you get to know the industry, leading to various barriers and struggles. Always standing up front, without fear, and without compromising my moral principles, I managed to overcome several difficult episodes rooted in the Colombian entertainment industry. There are many stories I've had to overcome, like being a victim of a scam where I lost a house and we were evicted, death threats, and wandering from place to place out of fear of dying and to protect my family. Narrating these experiences in my book is a necessity, a duty where the reader will discover what they never imagined, but they know very well could have happened. The truth is revealed from behind the scenes. "Putas o Payasas" is a curtain to many things in our reality.

In Bogotá, I started over, selling clothes and trying to make an honest living. Unfortunately, I faced harassment during the process.Afterwards, I rekindled my acting career with the support of Humberto Rivera, an influential casting manager. This allowed me to explore the entertainment industry on a broader scale, securing roles in minor television characters.Later, I recognized the potential in the support staff, often mislabeled as "extras," to establish an agency providing personnel for this field. Over the course of 5 extensive years, I worked day and night to sustain a family entirely reliant on me.

In 2007, I chose to dream bigger and established my own artistic representation company, advocating for the interests of numerous actors with undeniable talent. And here, I encountered a different kind of corruption and classism. Corruption became evident as I discovered representatives exchanging money or, in some instances, offering the bodies of their clients, embodying the infamous question, "What are you willing to do for your career?" Always standing firm, unafraid, and resolute in my moral principles, I successfully navigated through numerous instances of corruption deeply rooted in the Colombian entertainment industry. Now, I decide to share those experiences in my book, just as they happened, firmly believing that revealing the hidden truth behind the scenes is the right thing to do. And because I've always done well by being honest.

After all those experiences, I'm proud to witness my brothers thriving as successful professionals, and my daughter, Jennifer, pursuing psychology, acting, and serving as the assistant manager of my company. Over the years, we've grown, now equipped with our acting coach and a dedicated advisory team, including our secretary, accountant, lawyer, and press officer. Now I understand that violence isn't just caused by those carrying weapons but also by those who look down on others.

What we aim to accomplish.

I deeply desire to publish the book narrating my journey of overcoming a challenging childhood, a tumultuous early marriage, displacement to Bogotá, and the experiences in the Colombian entertainment industry. I want people to see how crucial it is to face each day with determination, learning to let things slide off effortlessly, and not waiting idly. Consistent effort is the only way to achieve positive outcomes, directly influenced by our choices. I feel no shame in sharing my truth; instead, I hope my book becomes a source of inspiration for those who, like me, have confronted violence directly. I aspire for them to discover motivation to persevere despite obstacles, as triumph invariably awaits on the horizon.

About 8th Representations

So you can get a glimpse of the realization of my life's work, here are places where you can take a look:







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Magazine article: https://www.cpmimagazin.com/manager-de-artistas-antes-desplazada-por-la-violencia-paola-ochoa-duque-una-historia-de-superacion-reconciliacion-y- Verdad/



location Santa Cruz de la palma, España
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