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Rancho Malcamino's

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Loogic Partners

En Loogic creemos en las personas y creemos que cuanto más cerca de ellas estemos, más podremos ayudarles y más podrán ayudarnos. Nosotros estamos limitados, somos un equipo magnífico pero que no llegamos a todas partes. Queremos tener personas que nos ayuden, sea de forma individual o desde empresas, que compartan la filosofía de Loogic y quieran ayudar a emprendedores, startups e inversores.

Nuestras áreas de acción son amplias, si crees que puedes ayudarnos en alguna de ellas, crees que puedes llevarlas a aquellos a los que nosotros no llegamos, queremos conocerte.

Loogic engloba:

Since 2003, the Malcamino&#39;s company is offering 4x4 interpretation routes and hiking to discover the Tabernas Desert, with an excellent evaluation by visitors. Our objective has been and continues to be, to bring the visitor closer to the geological, natural and cinematographic landscape of the Only Natural Desert in Europe. Almost 20 years working to offer new forms of sustainable tourism in Almería and contributing to the development of our community, Tabernas.


With the first wave of the pandemic, as we all know, tourism suffered a forced slowdown, as we never see before, and, faced with this situation, we had two options: wait passively or manage our resources and invest in developing a new service. We opted for the second option and launched into the creation of a new experience in the Tabernas Desert: RANCHO MALCAMINO&#39;S, where you can come to enjoy horseback riding and activities related to this beautiful animal.


To do this, we have begun the arrangement of Rancho Malcamino&#39;s: more than two hectares with direct access to the Desert, with ample spaces for stables and work areas.


Since November we have expanded the Malcamino&#39;s family with six new four-legged members: Estrella, Agustina, Hera, Pacífico, Viriato and Guajira. Théo, our monitor is already training to start the 2021 season, which we hope will take off shortly, as soon as we get out of this terrible situation, sooner rather than later.


Why a corwdfounding?: the idea of ??opting for crowdgunding is to ask you: user, horse lover, future visitor to Almería or Almería neighbor, friend, relative or acquaintance, to help us with your contribution ... Like any project, once started, unforeseen events arise and issues to be addressed to improve the original idea.


Investment risk: None. We will keep our commitment to reward you and your contribution. As of today, we comply with what is necessary for the development of the main activity, which is horse riding. In fact, today March 30 is the day of the first route and we have also chosen this day to launch this CROWDFUNDING proposal.


These are our specific proposals:


1) Pay now for a service that you can enjoy later, in exchange we offer you discounts on our routes. You will help us since with that pre- payment of your activity we will be able to finalize our purpose and improve the facilities both for the welfare of our animals and for the visitors. One of the actions is the conditioning of a place for saddles and route materials.


2) Participate actively in the improvement of the project by getting involved in some concrete actions such as: creation of a Mediterranean garden: A very special action for us, since we will dedicate it to Alejandro Pérez (Alex), co-worker for years, friend and Excellent person who suddenly left us recently and who, we are sure, will love the idea.


3) Contributes to the maintenance of horses. In two months the forage season begins. Your contribution will help us to buy a better quality forage for the rest of the year. If you want to enjoy a horse ride and the Desert, you plan to visit Almería and enjoy its light, its sun and an adventure, you are a fan of cinema and Western ... we suggest you to participate in this project ... your help will allow us to give the final push to the implementation of the project.


The first route: On March 30, 2021, that&#39;s why we started that same day with crowdfunding. We are ready! But much remains to be done and the activity needs to return to normal in order to continue with the project with cadence and good work.


We invite you to participate. In addition to helping, you will be part of an exciting project.

cristina serena seguí

location Tabernas - Almería, España
Emprendedora, empresaria desde 2003. Ilusionada por empezar nuevos proyectos en relación con el entorno donde vivo.
Escoge tu recompensa
47 of 50 availables
- Riding tour - A genuine Desert
Route for a horseman, guided, in the Tabernas Desert. 2-hour activity. Max. 4 riders and a guide.
Date and time: check website. Valid for 1 year from 03/30/2021. Consult conditions and details
at www.malcaminos.com
3 people have backed
- Honour book and placard with picture
Do you know Malcamino's, do you like the project and want to support the idea? Your contribution will serve our four-legged friends. In a month the forage season begins. With your contribution, we will get supplies of the best forage for the whole year.

We will ask for your information and your photo to create a tribute panel to all the people who have participated in this initiative. It will be part of the decoration of our ranch. When you come to Malcamino's you can enjoy a snack overlooking the Desert and sign our honor book.

Your contribution will go only and exclusively to the horses.
4 people have backed
21 of 30 availables
- Tour 4x4 or Riding for 2 people
You like the project but you don&#39;t know when you will come to Almería or when you will be able to use your reward. No problem! With your contribution, you can enjoy one of our routes:
4x4 or horseback riding for 2 people (to choose an activity). No date limit. If you want to give
your voucher to friends, family or acquaintances, they can enjoy the experience on your behalf. It will only be necessary to make the request and agree on the date and time.
9 people have backed
- Mediterraenean Garden Design and creation
Do you know Malcamino&#39;s, do you like the project and want to support the idea? Your
contribution will be used to create a Mediterranean garden at the Ranch. Depending on your contribution, we will plant one type or another of tree / plant (type and size). This price
includes the purchase of the plant, transportation, land preparation and planting. To thank you for your contribution, we will make a panel with photos of all the people who have
participated that will be placed in a privileged place on our ranch.
Once the action is finished, we will air you and you can visit the ranch, enjoy a snack with views of the Tabernas Desert and sign in the honor book (remember to notify of your visit).
As an extra gift, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the activities you book from Malcamino&#39;s for 1 year (maximum of 4 participants for each activity).
Likewise, you will receive news of how your contribution is becoming a reality.
We will dedicate the garden to our valued colleague from years of work, head gardener and
excellent person Alejandro Pérez, who has recently left us suddenly.
15 people have backed
3 of 10 availables
- 1 day in Tabernas Desert: 4x4 tour and Riding to
We offer you to enjoy a day in the Tabernas Desert for two people, doing a 4x4 route in the
morning and a horse riding route in the afternoon. You will be able to see the different lights of the Desert and enjoy all its landscapes.

Between one route and another, we recommend you visit the town of Tabernas and enjoy its gastronomic offer.
A full day in the DESERT OF TABERNAS.
Departure times according to season. To consult.
Offer valid from April to December 2021.
The price includes only the Malcamino&#39;s route service.

4x4 route &quot;From Leone to Spielberg, Route of the Stars&quot;
Horse riding route &quot;Desierto de Ley&quot;
7 people have backed
8 of 10 availables
Pack día en el Desierto para 4 personas
Te ofrecemos disfrutar de un día en el Desierto de Tabernas para cuatro personas, realizando una ruta en 4x4 por la mañana y una ruta a caballo por la tarde. Podrás ver las distintas luces del Desierto y disfrutar de todos sus paisajes.
Entre una ruta y otra, te recomendamos visitar el pueblo de Tabernas y disfrutar de su oferta gastronómica.
Un día completo en el DESIERTO DE TABERNAS.
Horarios de salida según temporada. A consultar.
Oferta válida hasta diciembre 2022.
El precio incluye únicamente el servicio de rutas de Malcamino's.

Ruta 4x4 "De Leone a Spielberg, ruta de las Estrellas"
Ruta a caballo "Desierto de Ley"
2 people have backed
Mecenas de honor
Además de conocer nuestra ruta bien sea a caballo o en 4x4, con tu familia o amigos, ¿tienes interés, te apetece o te hace ilusión ver tu nombre, marca o logotipo en nuestro totem de benefactores? Esta es tu opción:
Totem colectivo donde aparecerás como patrocinador de honor del proyecto.

Disfruta de un día completo en el DESIERTO DE TABERNAS:
Elige tu ruta:
Ruta 4x4 "De Leone a Spielberg, ruta de las Estrellas".
Ruta a caballo "Desierto de Ley"
Visita al Rancho Malcamino's para aperitivo y firma en el libro de honor.

Podrás disfrutar de tu recompensa cuando te venga bien sin límite de fecha. (Fecha y horarios según se acuerde). Límite de participantes según capacidad de cada actividad (6 en coche - 4 en caballo)
El precio incluye la ruta de Malcamino's elegida privada, el diseño y la colocación del totem, aperitivo en el Rancho y firma en el libro de honor cuando vengas a visitarnos.
Si tu aportación supera el límite de los 800,00€, tendrás tu propio Totem de cine en un lugar privilegiado del rancho.
Diseño de totem: te daremos opciones de diseño. Totem tematizado. Materiales nobles y bien visibles.
8 people have backed