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CGT want attending their procedure BANKIA

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En Loogic creemos en las personas y creemos que cuanto más cerca de ellas estemos, más podremos ayudarles y más podrán ayudarnos. Nosotros estamos limitados, somos un equipo magnífico pero que no llegamos a todas partes. Queremos tener personas que nos ayuden, sea de forma individual o desde empresas, que compartan la filosofía de Loogic y quieran ayudar a emprendedores, startups e inversores.

Nuestras áreas de acción son amplias, si crees que puedes ayudarnos en alguna de ellas, crees que puedes llevarlas a aquellos a los que nosotros no llegamos, queremos conocerte.

Loogic engloba:

CGT and tried to make themselves known at the start of proceedings against the management of Bankia, and could not make it to the requirements demanded especially the posting of a bond of 20,000 euros.

Since that time we have argued that anti-social practices, not just corruption that have been discovered along this time, but mainly political and economic practices conducted by its governing bodies regarding housing, mortgages, investments or raise funds through preferential products, subordinates and other complex products, you could not go unpunished.

We want workers to share in the requirement of criminal responsibility, exercising criminal action initiated at the time in that procedure and accompanying it, working on the investigation and research of everything that happened.

We tried personarnos again because of what is discovered, to conduct criminal investigations and try to circumvent any impunity and hold accountable those who ultimately have led to the whole society have collectively paid the debts generated by sectors minority of society, in addition to defending the rights of workers who have been laid off in a wild financial sector restructuring, and we again require such bail, despite everything already is discovered in the investigation of the actions of the address why we ask for your financial support for this purpose, so that those who have not participated in such practices, and yet have suffered its consequences both lost money in the bailout as through social cuts can participate in that procedure.


location Madrid, España
La Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) es una asociación de trabajadores y trabajadoras que se define anarcosindicalista, y por tanto : de clase, autónoma, autogestionaria, federalista, internacionalista y libertaria.
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