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A grain of sand by Nepal

The construction of earthquake-resistant housing requires top quality materials which are traditionally used in the Valley, and this entails an added, but completely necessary expense. To this must be added to the cost of their transport. So we decided to be ourselves that bring the efforts of those who work directly there and invest fully all the collected materials and transport them to kanchha and Dolma's House. We know that you we have little time... About two months. But we believe that with your help we will be able to get it.

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Montage of the trip (detail of the materials and the beginning of work) + appreciation with your name
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the trip montage + thank + banners nepalis
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the trip montage + thank + photo-poster in the área.
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trip montage + thank + banners nepalis + t-shirt
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trip montage + thank + Nepalese flags + t-shirt + poster in the area
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the trip montage + advertising of your company in the video and express thanks for your collaboration
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