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Bar " El de las tapas" returns to Mojácar!

We need a little financial aid to get the project started. We have the right place in the "The Fountain" area and this push between everyone will be of great help.

Escoge tu recompensa
Tapa + beer
For those € 5 you have the right to 2 Tercios more plate of tapas larger than usual to choose, the day you want.
3 people have backed
Pints + portion
For those € 10 you have the right to 2 pints or a liter of beer or tinto de verano plus a portion to choose from the day's offers.
3 people have backed
Wine + portion
For those € 20 you have the right to a bottle of house wine plus a portion of your choice plus 2 shots.
9 people have backed
Lunch or Dinner
For those € 50 you receive 2 Tercios, 1 bottle of house wine or tinto de verano, two portios of your choice of dessert and two glasses
2 people have backed
Guaranteed fun
For these € 100 you can consume on account of that amount within a period of 1 month, we also let you choose the music for a while and the waiters dance it (although you may prefer that this does not happen) ;-)
12 people have backed