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Redeem your coupon

Redeem your coupon!

If you really think that you can collect a considerable amount of money in hand to encourage the funding of your project, this is your choice!

Lanzanos offers to the project creators a novel alternative to interact with their patrons in order to achieve backings to fund their creative or carity projects. This is the coupons redemption.

The coupons redemption arises in front of the payments via Paypal and via Credit Card, for the purpose of covering all the payment methods.

The coupons will be generated by the project creator according to the backing that expect to receive. Each one of them will be assigned to a reward and will have an authetication code.

Also, the project creatos will give the printed coupon to the patron that backed the project in hand. The patron, through the authentication code that appears in his coupon, will be able to fulfil the backing on Lanzanos, and enter the required data in order to receive the corresponding reward.

Coupon Sample

foto vale

Ejemplo Proyecto Musical

1. My band and I want to launch our new album.
2. In addition to receive financial contributions via Paypal and Credit Card, we want to offer to our patrons the possibility of backing through the coupons redemption.
3. Since we are on tour, in addition to the tickets to the concerts, we have thought on selling at the ticket desk: On one hand, coupons for the signed disk reward (15€); and on the other hand disc + T-shirt (30€).
4. We print cowdfunding coupons for these 2 rewards. After this, when people go to the concert, they will be able to receive a coupon in exchange of those 15 or 30 €.
5. The coupons will include an authentication code through which patrons will be able to encash their backing in our music project.
6. Through the authentication code, the platform will automatically identify the corresponding reward, in this case the 15 or the 30 € one. €.
7. When the patron identifies the reward on Lanzanos, he must enter the relevant data so that our band can send him the reward.

Users will be able to redeem their coupons in two different ways:

1. Go to the project website you are interested in. That is the main site of the project that you want to support. Click in the “Back this project” link. Automatically, the Lanzanos system will offer you the different payment methods (three). Among them there is “Redeem your coupon”. Click in “Redeem your ticket”. Then, a new field where you must enter your authentication code will be shown. When you enter the code and click in the “Continue” button, immediately you´ll see the reward that corresponds to your coupon, and in order to fulfil such reward, you must enter the relevant fields with your personal data.

2. Go to the specific section “Redeem your ticket” that is placed on the lanzanos.com home page (www.lanzanos.com/canjeatuvale). Enter the authentication code that appears on your coupon on the indicated field. Instantly Lanzanos will show you the information corresponding to the reward that matches with your coupon. To fulfil your contribution, you must enter your personal data on the shown fields.

Authentication codes may be used just once.
In the event that you are going to redeem a coupon that corresponds to a sponsor, you should not ignore that those coupons will likely have number and date limit.